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Grateful for A Great

Opportunity to Serve

As Swami always says, He knows what is best for each one of us! The best thing for us is to simply understand that Swami has a plan for each one of us and enjoy His Game! I am Santosh, a small instrument, immensely blessed by Bhagawan with His Infinite Mercy and Grace to be a part of His Grand Mission. 

By Swami’s Grace, I have the opportunity to work for the Annapoorna team and coordinate various activities across the country. How Swami pulled me into His Mission and has provided me with service opportunities is something that is incomprehensible to me! I am born to a Sai devotee family and Swami, out of His Mercy, granted me service activities during His Physical Sojourn as well. When I got an opportunity to serve at Doddabele Breakfast Centre, the first Annapoorna Centre, I started to get to know about Swami’s Continuing Mission at Muddenahalli, thanks to brother Anand Kadali.


By His Grace, I tried making some time for the JP Nagar Breakfast Seva on alternate Saturdays when my office used to give us some time-off. As my travel to office took many hours and involved multiple modes of transportation for each trip, I was unable to find the time during other days.


During one precious interaction with Swami during Darshan, Swami advised me “not only must one stay at My Feet, but one must also serve at My Feet”. A couple of years later, by Swami’s Infinite Grace and Blessings, this soon turned out to be true. I got the golden opportunity to serve at Annapoorna full time! I resigned from my previous company, in order to, not only to stay at His Holy Feet, but also to serve at His Feet!


To conclude, I thank Swami for providing me with this great opportunity to serve at His Holy Feet, which has really transformed me a lot. I pray to Bhagawan to guide me in every moment of my life as He has always done!

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