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Personal Transformation Experience

Life Altering Experience

"The Annapoorna Breakfast programme has been a life-altering experience for me."


Being caught up in the corporate life, in an imaginary race towards a high-flying position, and limiting my relationships to only close family members was not something I had envisioned when I returned to India from the US after my higher studies. There was a constant sense of incompleteness and shallowness inside. Until one day, I joined a close friend in the distribution of breakfast to school students in south Bangalore in 2014. Seeing the satisfaction on the faces of the students, their parents, and the volunteers, inspired me so much that I found myself adopting a slum near my house to serve hot breakfast to the needy under-privileged children. Three years later, and having helped served lakhs of hot meals to school students, my life seems more meaningful and is enriched with tremendous positivity and the smiles and giggles of thousands of children that continue to echo in my mind even when I am in the midst of fast-paced city life.  



The Annapoorna Breakfast programme has transformed the students we are serving breakfast in more ways than just improving their health. One of the headmasters of a Govt. school in Chikballapur once shared with me that the Annapoorna volunteers had become role models for the students. Instead of coming to the schools and talking about moral values, the volunteers were by their breakfast service day after day, month after month, demonstrating how moral values should be truly put into practice. In fact, some of the students had told him that they want to emulate the volunteers when they grow up and serve breakfast to needy students for free! Truly, it was so humbling and at the same time satisfying to know that we can by our selfless actions inspire the future generation of our country to walk on the same path. "


Girish Suryanarayana 
Region 2 India

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