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Annapoorna Volunteer

Sumita Deb

Region 2


Personal Transformation Experience

Annapoorna Breakfast Programme has not only changed my life, but it touched my life as well.

Now wherever I go, consciously I ensure to give a biscuit packet at least, to a needy person, if nothing else is around. This way I feel satisfied from within, even if the person’s stomach is not filled completely with the biscuit packet, my heart gets filled. I can keep on pouring my emotions about my journey with Annapoorna, however, I want to jot down an incident that happened recently.


My parents and I had gone to a hospital to get a few medical tests done for my mother. As per the procedure, a post-breakfast blood sample had to be given after pre-breakfast was done. So, we decided to have breakfast at a nearby hotel. While on our way to the hotel, I happened to see an old man who was begging for his livelihood on the streets. He was requesting motorists near a junction where vehicles had stopped for the traffic signal. I felt bad that I didn’t have biscuit packets with me which I could have handed over to this poor man.


A while later, as we were having breakfast sitting outside the hotel under a tree, the same poor man approached me and asked for idli (South-Indian breakfast dish). Without a second thought, I reached for my wallet to buy him a plate of idli-Vada. The old man then requested a glass of water which I promptly got for him. His face had an indescribable glow, and he kept blessing me with both hands.


Another gentleman who was apparently watching this episode, came up to my father saying, “Your daughter is doing a wonderful job by giving food to the needy, which hardly anyone does these days.” It was just a small word of appreciation, but the contentment and peace it brings to us knowing that we got an opportunity to bring a smile on someone’s face, or the inspiration someone derives from a small act of kindness, is priceless.


After all, it was just a place of idli-vada and a glass of water; but the happiness it brought to my parents hearing those words of appreciation is something indescribable. And this feeling recurs every time I get an opportunity to serve. This “WOW” feeling has been multiplying exponentially especially after joining Annapoorna Breakfast Programme. I only wish that I will get more and more such opportunities to spread kindness and love among more people.

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