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Transforming our Little Hearts with Noble Qualities

My name is Kovarthana Ravichandran, a student doing my advanced level studies at present.  I came to know about Swami two years ago when I started to follow my education at the Educare Centre in Kirankulam, Batticaloa.

In the classes, we had the opportunity to learn Swami’s Human Values along with our regular curriculum. As the days went by, slowly and steadily some changes started to happen within me. When I look back at my past, I feel a sense of guilt about my past behaviour. Particularly, I was a person of intolerance and I did not pay heed to the words of elders. How fortunate I am, Swami did something which has made some positive changes in me now.

I strongly believe that these changes started in me when we were taught to honour our parents everyday by paying them homage. We were also taught to recite a prayer before partaking my meals and being thankful to God for giving us our meals.

One other great transformation which happened within me was the acceptance of other religions as I respect my own belief. Before I was introduced to Swami’s human value teaching, I did not have this quality and I had very little idea about other faiths. I am thankful to Swami for enlightening me to respect other religions and faiths as I do for my own beliefs. The Educare Center also became a place for me and other youth to bring out our dormant talents and potentials. In course of time I also learned to help others without expecting any rewards.

I would have been a person who would have easily thought of Swami as another human being. However, the miracles of Swami and HIS Love started to shed some wisdom not only to me but also to my family members.

I am thankful to Swami for HIS immense Love for bringing me and other youths like me into HIS fold and transforming our little hearts with noble qualities.

Kovarthana Ravichandran

Region 2, Sri Lanka

Personal Transformation Experience
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