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Transformation within Me

My name is Sanjika Shiva. Currently, I am a student waiting for admission at Vincent Girls’ High School, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, to study in the A/L Mathematics (Math) Division. .

Firstly, I would like to narrate how I entered Educare, Kirankulam. I was in grade 10 in Bt/Kirankulam Vinayagar Maha Vidyalayam. Two brothers from Educare informed our music teacher about Bhajans that were held every Sunday in Educare and invited us to attend them.

One fine day, we went to Educare and tried to sing Bhajans. The brothers there trained us on how to sing the Bhajans. That was the first day I ever visited Educare. They requested us to come at 5:00 p.m. on the following Sunday. Unfortunately, I could not attend the Bhajans as I had classes on Sundays.

After a few days, the two brothers from Educare met with our Principal and explained to him about the Math classes to be held there. Our Principal advised us to attend these classes, which I did, with my colleagues. I did not have any knowledge or background about Swami. I thought He was an ordinary human being like anyone else. But, as time passed, I came to understand the reality of Swami.

Before joining Educare, I used to pass-by Educare to attend classes in other places. I used to think that it was a tuition centre similar to other tutorial institutions. I now know that it is a character moulding centre which teaches moral lessons in human values based on Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings along with academic education. Gradually, I felt changes in me for good, slowly but steadily.

In the past, I had no fear in telling a lie. But now, I do not utter a single lie. “Manava Seva is Madhava Seva”. I now look for opportunities to serve anyone. Not only do I serve at Educare; I now help my mother at home also. I look forward to Sundays to attend Bhajans, where I feel very peaceful.

My addiction to TV has reduced. I have realized that my first and foremost duty as a student is to study and I take action accordingly. I pray daily at home, offering flowers and lighting lamps. These are a few changes in me since I joined Educare.

In the beginning, I was not close to Swami. My faith in Swami increased, when one day I was asked to do Arathi at the end of a Bhajan. I was very happy as Swami answered my inner prayer asking for a chance to offer an Arathi. I enjoy leading Bhajans with inner feelings and chant Rudram with confidence, by Swami’s Grace. Thus, Swami has transformed me completely.

Swami has fulfilled many of my desires. I wrote a letter to Swami when He visited Educare on January 4, 2018 asking for His Blessings to be successful in GCE O/L exams. I was overwhelmed when I obtained eight As and one C. My love for Swami has increased tremendously.

I feel there is still room for me to improve and I surrender myself at His Lotus Feet to transform me further. 

Sanjika Shiva

Region 2, Sri Lanka

Personal Transformation Experience
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