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How I wonder what You Are

My life with Swami seemed like it had ended after His Samadhi. Memories spent in Puttaparthi and Whitefield slowly shifted to a corner of my mind while the new worldly endeavours started to dominate. I had no desire to visit Puttaparthi again due to the physical absence of Swami. Namasmarana and His thoughts became occasional, nay obsolete. 

The paws of Maya and its grip supported by the Kali Purusha was very strong. Life became engulfed with daily banalities without any time for Swami.

However, Swami did not forget me. He straightened up my part when He visited Sri Lanka in Sookshma Sharira Form at the Hilton Hotel in 2015. I cannot still believe how He orchestrated so magically, so that my whole family was able to receive His Darshan at the Hilton. Needless to say, my parents had different views, yet He did not ignore them. One of the greatest miracles He did for me was the complete healing of my back pain which the consultants had concluded had no complete cure.

It was folly to simplify GOD within a set boundary and a single physical form. Swami shattered them and gave me an admission to High School. If I had fallen for the tricks of the mind and literal meaning of words, I would have lost this opportunity. I am thankful to Swami for keeping me on board. It was HIS Will which transformed me enough to see the expansion of God beyond our mind-set boundaries.


Pradeepan Maheshwarasarma    Region 2, Sri Lanka

Personal Transformation Experience
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