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My Transformation

Swami certainly has His Unique Style in pulling people of His Choice to Him. Swami has certainly been merciful to pull me to His Fold and encouraged me in the path of Service. I am Mohammad Imran Khan. I had started joining various service activities from 2012. 

During the earlier years, until I was blessed with an interaction with Swami, I was unaware about Swami. Well, I did consider Him as a certain man who was working for people through big social activities and thus helped various needy sections of the society. It did take me a while to understand Swami is God!


How it all started now looks magical to me. Long ago, Madhusudhan Sivakoti, a brother from Vishakapatnam was my neighbor at Laxminagar in Gopalapatnam in Vishakapatnam. I met him after eight long years. Madhusudhan brother motivated me into Seva for the society. I slowly started getting involved in service activities. One major activity was the ‘mental hospital’ service, which was right at the starting stages of my service activities. Then I slowly got a chance to serve in various medical camps, Narayana Seva and so on. Then came the chance to serve for Annapoorna Breakfast Programme!


I was blessed by Swami to come to Muddenahalli about four times now. Each visit has been during the month of May in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 so far. While the former two years I came for the Summer Course and Youth Meet, during the latter two years I participated entirely in service.


There is one incident I would like to recall regarding my experience with Swami. During 2015 Summer Course, Swami very graciously reminded me of a certain incident in the past which shocked me as to how Swami knew it! As it is a highly personal incident, I would not be able to share the exact details here. This conversation with Swami further emphasized my belief in Him as God.


Coming to the benefits that I have derived from the various service activities that I have been a part of; they can all be summarized in one word – “TRANSFORM”! I underwent a lot of transformation, starting with the “I MINDSET” and have tried to reach the “WE MINDSET”.


Right from 2012, my life has taken a different turn, where I am able to contribute to the society. Apart from serving in Swami’s projects, I have started a blood donation related group, where we send appropriate blood donors to the needy in hospitals, as and when the request is known. Also, I stayed in ANANDASHRAM for one and half years along with the Ashram children and took care of them.


To conclude, I thank Swami for all the activities that He has graciously helped me to be a part of. Also, I take this opportunity to thank Madhusudhan brother (of Vishakapatnam) from the bottom of my heart, for he was the instrument who introduced Swami to me!

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Mohammad Imran Khan

Region 2 India

Personal Transformation Experience
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