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Selfless Service

I am Sahan Dissanayake from Sri Lanka. From the first time I met Swami in his subtle form, little by little, I have transformed so much. My transformation began when Bhagawan visited our little emerald island in July 2015. Since then I have completely stopped eating non-vegetarian food and have become a vegetarian.  I am immensely grateful to Swami for this, as I now see all animals as divine, Swami resides in each and every one of them. 

I currently live in Melbourne to pursue my higher studies with Swami’s grace and guidance. I am very happy to be involved in several activities here.

Seva is an amazing journey, not only for those who are served, but also for those who are serving. Throughout these several months, Bhagawan has slowly and steadily pulled a few of my close friends into this stream of selfless Seva and the transformation has been immense. Though they may not be under the umbrella of "Sai devotee", their dedication to be a part of these activities have left many inspired.

I would like to share one small but very important lesson I have learnt; service to mankind is service to God and there is nothing more beautiful than selfless service. Now is the time, more than ever, to join in Swami's mission to achieve a world of love, peace and prosperity for all; so brothers and sisters, I urge you to join hands to create a world full of bliss!

I offer myself at the Lotus Feet of Our Beloved Lord and I pray that He will guide me in everything I do.


Sahan Dissanayake

Region 2 Sri Lanka

Personal Transformation Experience
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