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Lessons in Gratitude

Swami has always told us that our heart is His Seat. He always employs unique methods to find His Place in our Hearts. And He loves it when we keep His seat clean and reserved for Him only.

I am Sunil, working at Bangalore currently. By Swami’s Grace, I have the opportunity to regularly serve at the Annnapoorna Breakfast Center in Electronics City in Bangalore. How Swami pulled me into His fold and has provided me with service opportunities is something that now looks magical to me. My father was a Sai devotee and he pulled me along for service activities during my teenage years. It took me more than a decade to take Swami’s physical Darshan. Just before getting to know about Swami’s continuing Mission at Muddenahalli, I noticed that my car tyres would get punctured regularly, close to Muddenahalli, as and when I would be travelling to Nandi hills and nearby areas.


I received a very valuable message from Swami during one Divine visit to Kodaikanal in the summer. Swami had visited some Tibetan shops for shopping and was returning to His Bungalow. The lane leading to His Bungalow is very narrow, and unfortunately a car was already parked mid-way. Thus, Swami’s Car could not be driven up to His Bungalow. It was decided that another car from the opposite end of the lane be brought for Swami so that He could be driven to His Bungalow. It was my greatest fortune that my car was used for this. However, I was a bit concerned that my car was not entirely spic and span, and the wheels had some slush. Swami graciously entered my car, and took this chance to convey a great message ‘Always keep your car and heart clean, for you will not know when God may enter!’


It is important to convey a related incident that happened just two weeks after this. I got an opportunity to serve during Swami’s Divine visit to Kedarnath. Three of us were volunteering at a helipad in Sirsi where some guests were expected. Suddenly, out of the blue, Swami’s helicopter which was not scheduled to stop by at Sirsi, started to land due to bad weather. Our hearts’ joy knew no bounds when Swami got down and started interacting with us. Swami spent about 90 minutes of His extremely busy schedule with the three of us, and we were left in overflowing bliss. Thus I was reminded of Swami’s message about 15 days back in Kodaikanal, when He said ‘Always keep your car and heart clean, for you will not know when God may enter!’


To conclude, I thank Swami for providing me with great service activities which has really transformed me a lot, and helped me build a seat for Him in my heart!




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