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Swami’s Divine Grace!

If our prayers are earnest in seeking Swami, He will ensure the granting of a heart touching Darshan!

I am Kumar, seeking to be an instrument of our dearest Bhagawan and to serve at His Holy Feet. It would be surprising to note that I did not have the opportunity to get our dearest Lord’s Darshan when He was in His physical form at Puttaparthi. I came into Swami’s fold in 2011 and got a chance to serve at the Mahasamadhi at Puttaparthi in 2012. I was in tears, realising I was brought into Swami’s fold quite late and prayed to Him for His Darshan.


A couple of years later, our dear brother Madhusudhan Sivakoti told me that Swami has come back for us. My joy knew no bounds. In 2015, I got a chance to attend the Summer Course. I wanted to take sweets for Swami, but could not do so. I created a poster of Swami on Hamsa Vahana (a vehicle of the Lord), which my family members opined was not well made. Nevertheless, I took the poster during the Summer Course. Here is Swami’s Divine Leela: during the summer course Darshan, Swami came straight to me and asked for the sweets! I was thrilled at His Omniscience. Not only that, He went on to appreciate the poster that I had made for Him, despite the poster’s lacking. I was thankful for His Mercy and Love!


By Swami’s Grace, I now have the opportunity to work for the Annapoorna team and work for various activities in Vishakapatnam and other areas. Recently, at one precious interaction with Swami during Darshan, Swami advised me “Treat children as Swami; serve breakfast to them as you would serve Naivedhyam; and partake of the Divine Prasadam


It will be incomplete if I do not mention how Swami has taken care of my family and personal life. Swami helped my father recover from an accident where my father broke 13 bones around the rib area. Swami has ensured that wherever I go for His Divine Work, I have all the facilities and comforts ahead of me, always. I pray to Bhagawan to guide me in my life as He always has done every moment, and help me serve in His Grand Mission!




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