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Story of a Teacher and Her Students

If we take one step, even a selfless thought for the welfare of others; God will open a hundred doors for the selfless thought to fructify! Not only that, He recognises the same! To celebrate the wonderful occasion of “Teachers’ Day” (celebrated on September 5th in India), it is felt that it would be a great opportunity to share the ‘transformation’ brought about by a teacher in a large number of children as well as in the teacher, herself.

Ms. Parupalli Venkata Satya Padmaja (P.V.S. Padmaja) is a primary school teacher in the Venkatapuram MPP School in Vishakapatnam District in Andhra Pradesh State. She got to know about Annapoorna breakfast programme happening in her city which was benefiting many children. Her happiness knew no bounds when she heard about the service and its impact on needy children.

Hence, Padmaja was keen to have Annapoorna breakfast programme serve the children in her school as well. She felt that the 80 children studying in her school would benefit from this. Unfortunately for Padmaja, the cooks in her school were unwilling to cook breakfast for the school children, as they were already cooking lunch daily. Padmaja did not want to let go of this opportunity easily. She got in touch with Annapoorna and worked to arrange for an auto rickshaw to collect the breakfast from the kitchen, where Annapoorna team cooks for nearly 1000 students every day. Padmaja went on to pay Rs. 4,000 to the auto driver, who would collect the breakfast from the kitchen, and thereby facilitate to feed the school children. Every day Padmaja would go to the school at 08:30 AM and serve breakfast to all the children. Besides this, she also uses this time to teach values and prayers. Padmaja has been ensuring for the last one year that this activity happens consistently!

It is very exciting to share that Padmaja was selected as the Best Teacher of Vishakapatnam District for the current year. Her school’s Independence Day celebrations has been adjudged the best in the district this year, demonstrating her love and commitment to all the activities happening in her school.

Truly, Padmaja is a role model and a teacher who has not only brought about transformation in herself, but has helped transformation happen in all the children studying in her school!

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Parupalli Venkata Satya Padmaja


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Personal Transformation Experience
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