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Seeking Swami through Music

Music is the language of the soul and our young musician Sai Prabhav Kallepalli has become an expert in this métier through the strings of his guitar. Born to parents who know only of Swami and Service, young Prabhav has followed their footsteps. His mother Smt Srilalitha is a Carnatic singer dedicating her life to this art form and his father Sri Chandrashekar Kumaraswamy, currently working in UAE has been a former student of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute at Muddenahalli.

Eighteen year old Prabhav’s passion for music is immense and by sheer self-effort and practice has mastered this instrument. Every single day, he practises on his guitar for 6-8 hours and during these hours, neither time, nor hunger or the much sought after gadget can distract him as the musical rhythm finds its way into the secret places of his soul. He regularly plays his instrument at Bhajans held during Satsangs and participates in Seva activities with great zeal. Read on to hear the story of a boy of few words, yet who can speak powerfully in the language of the soul - Music.

I was first introduced to Sai Hrudayam through my father, in 2014. He would regularly bring me to do Seva around Dubai that was being organised by the Sai Hrudayam team. At that time, I felt no personal connect with Swami or His devotees. In 2015, I was sent to Muddenahalli to stay with my grandfather for a few months. I learnt more about Swami there as I went around and met many alumni who knew me through my father and would tell me all sorts of stories/experiences about my father and Swami. For the first time, I celebrated Guru Purnima in the presence of Swami along with the Sai Hrudayam team. This time I was able to make bonds of friendship with the youth but it was also the start of a special association with dear Swami.

In 2016, I had my first direct interaction with Swami. He visited Dubai in the subtle form and blessed us with an interview. There was a strong presence of Swami that I could feel during this visit, especially during the interview. Everything He said in the interview and the way He talked to me felt as if He knew me personally for years, like a close childhood friend and that was when I started to feel a strong personal bond with Swami. He then blessed me with a gold chain, and told me that He would always be watching over me.

Soon after, I took up learning rock music on guitar and made tremendous progress. A few months before Swami’s visit in 2018, I requested for a chance to perform in front of Swami. After months of practice with the team, I grew closer with the rest of the youth I had worked with and we did our best during Swami’s visit. After the performance, Swami humorously commented “Rock music is Shock music.” I did not know what to make of the comment as it wasn’t followed up by anything else. I was worried that Swami may not have enjoyed the performance and anxiously waited for some sort of feedback. I felt down and upset for the rest of day.

During yet another opportunity with the Divine, Swami addressed a lot of my personal problems I was going through at that time and promised that everything will be fine soon. He also commented that He knew that I had put in a lot of effort into the performance and had made fine associations with the rest of the group, and that is what made Him happy the most. This really resonated with me, as I am an introvert and it takes me time to interact and talk to people. Today, I like being with Sai Hrudayam family, doing Seva with my friends but what I cherish most and look forward to is to play the guitar for Swami. I seek Him through Music.


Sai Prabhav Kallepalli 

MiddleEast Region 2

Personal Transformation Experience
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