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Personal Transformation Experience

Self-Transformation Through Music

When I was a child, my parents taught me to be not only a Christian, like other children, but also to be Swami’s devotee. So I believed both in Jesus’ existence and in another spiritual guide, called Master (Sai Baba). I remember I was so confused at that time – every time I had to pray I did not know whom I had to speak to. For this reason I prayed to both of them to avoid a mistake.  Moreover, I thought God was someone that can help you and nothing more. I never thanked Him for something good I had lived during the day.

I grew up listening to Bhajans sung by my father to get me to sleep (that was the only way to success!). I have attended Sathya Sai Baba Centres since I was born; on Sundays we went to the centre to sing Bhajans. Little by little, growing up, I understood this was my own moment of true happiness; and I could not stop thinking of the joy and energy that came from that music!

When I was about six, I started playing the harmonium and I immediately understood that this instrument would become my faithful friend. Each and every evening, I always spent a span of time with Him. From that moment on, this instrument became my prayer and relief valve. Every time I was sad, I went in my room to sing and play. In this way all my suffering changed into tears and I would stop singing, but I would keep on playing as a lullaby for myself.  Finally, I always fell asleep. This method of venting was, in a way, my way of praying. This became the way to communicate with God, regardless of His form and name.

During the years, I asked my father continuously to bring me to India in order to meet Sai Baba. I was so curious to perceive, even for a moment, His love directly. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to know Him and I regretted it very much in time.

Then, in 2015, my father finally decided to go to India for Christmas, but our destination was Muddenahalli. I was skeptical because I was convinced Swami was the one and only divine manifestation. I thought I had to wait for Prema Sai. When we arrived in India, I was very happy; every day my parents and I went to the Darshan and I felt a strong energy. One day we met Dimitris Lambrianos with the help of a friend. While we were speaking with him, suddenly he asked me to sing for Swami on the first of January. Since I accepted, everything has begun... From that moment I experienced a beautiful emotion that I had never felt before. There was not a greater love than the one I felt that day, when I did Padanamaskar to Swami, after my performance.

In 2016, we went to India for Christmas, again. And I presented the programme prepared by my father and me, to sing for Swami. Our beloved Master told us: “Go, go, go”. After a period of time I understood that each “go” indicated an appointment: first one Rome, second one in Assisi and the last one in Spain where Swami gave Darshan to devotees.

At the end of 2019, my parents gave me the opportunity to leave for India without them, so I could sing with the European Sai Youth Orchestra for Him, again. In December, there was another chance to sing with the Christmas choir and this time my parents came with me.

Thanks to this experience, I realised music is my way to contact God. For this reason, I feel full of joy when I sing. Moreover, I noticed lately that I close my eyes spontaneously while I sing and play Bhajans. Every time, I see a light in the center of the sternum, which rises up slowly reaching the Third Eye and brightening my face completely. At the end of a Bhajan, I start to feel a very deep sense of peace.  I want to thank Swami for all the chances He still gives me to express myself through music!


Starnoni Shanti

Region 3, Italy

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