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Personal Transformation Experience

Inner Transformation

This is my experience of inner transformation that began years ago, thanks to a friend of mine who talked to me about our beloved Master.

One day, I was with my friend who is an osteopath. I was laying down on the couch in her medical clinic, when I saw Bhagawan's picture. A strong, positive and sweet energy attracted me to Him, and in that picture, I recognized my father. After this event, my friend decided to gift me that picture. I put it in my car because at that time I had a job for which I traveled 60 to 70% of the time. So, I had Baba's picture on my dashboard and He was there with me the whole day as my travel companion. As time went on, I trusted in Him more and more. My spirituality grew, and I entrusted Him with everything; from a small thing to the deep and complicated, during good and hard times.

After some months, I received a magnificent gift of participating in the World Youth Meet as one of the delegates. It was my first time in India. I was lucky to stay there leisurely, in the cradle of the mother and in the arms of the father and I felt, for the very first time, the feeling of Love. On that occasion, I received an unexpected gift - a sari. I received it during the Women's feast. This was for me the most precious gift. Thank you, Baba for having chosen me that day and for giving me Your presence in my life. When I came back to Italy a lot of things changed. Now I'm more aware, my spirituality is growing, and my life is lighter, especially during difficulties, thanks to His wonderful presence. Thank you, Baba for all love that you give me every day. I hope to not disappoint you. Enter me and use me as an instrument of love. Thank you.

Silvia Ali Hassan

Region 3, Italy

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