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Personal Transformation Experience

European Youth Meet in Greece

An Enriching Experience !

I would like to narrate the enriching experiences of the three days spent in Greece for the second European Youth Meet, as requested by the King of Kings. The first one was in Munich, Germany and even that was unforgettable.


From Italy we were six people, and once there, we met with the Youth from all over Europe. First of all I want to congratulate the Greek brothers for the organisation and the attention they offered to us. We have all been in very good company for three days and during this time we shared experiences which thaught us a lot.

The first teaching was observing how the Greek brothers have worked and how they work all together, as if they were moving all in one body, I could compare them to ants. Great commitment to work, a more experienced leader or more than one, who lead the way for the younger ones and all following without hesitation. Relationships founded on love and mutual respect. 

Each one of them has a role and responsabilities which they follow with maximum commitment. I have learnt so much in such a short time (three days), as I immediately understood that we had gone there for a full immersion in the lesson of giving.

They filled us with attention, food, and guided visits to Athens, where they were also our guides, explaining many things.

We experienced Qigong and for many of us it was the first time, yoga and meditation in nature, exactly where the Ashram will be build. A wonderful place, really immense if you look at the extension with magnificent shades of green. The King has good taste, we know that.


Together we all prepared food for Narayan Seva and then we distributed it on the streets to the most needy Greek brothers. This was another strong lesson.

When we were offering them a second meal, the Greek homeless people answered making sure that they were not taking food away from another. What great humbleness. They respect and help each other and they never pushed to cause problems. I have had the privilege to serve in other cities and normally it is a war with in them, trying to get more. In Greece even this is different.

We shared the moments of lunch and dinner, preparing, serving, eating, chatting, laughing and getting closer in our beautiful friendships.

On one occasion we could not prepare dinner all together as we had a busy day out side, but when we came back, we found a full table with delicious food waiting for us. We were extremely tired, but happy and that food was an extra joy on top.

Emotions are difficult to explain with words, they have to be lived and experienced internally. 

I have come back from this experience surely as a better person and I suggest to all the ones who have not come this time, to come to the next meetings. They are experiences helping you on your internal journey, accelerating your growth, as it is all practical teachings.

Be present and I hope you will understand with your own personal experience, all that have tried to share in words. We will see each other in six months for the next European Youth Meet.

Thanks to all of you.


Mario Varriale

Region 3

Italy (but citizen of the world like all of you)

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