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Personal Transformation Experience

A Life-Changing Experience

The first time that I took part in a Seva activity was last Christmas.


A moment that truly marked my life came when I saw a woman shivering in the cold. After giving her a warm beanie and a scarf, I helped her to put them on. Her unforgettable response was, “Ahh, how warm these clothes are! Thank you!”. Drawing a smile on her burdened and sad eyes was truly priceless!

These people are HUMAN BEINGS. Although they may have been hit hard by life, they have not lost their dignity and self-respect. They may not have clothing, basic necessities or a roof over their heads, they may be ill-fated outcasts, they may be living under difficult circumstances in tents or on benches not knowing what will come tomorrow. Yet, they have developed the feeling of sympathy and compassion towards their fellow human beings.

For example, when we offer them a second meal, they often say “No you should give it to someone else who may not have eaten; I don’t need two meals. One is sufficient!” Through such examples, they taught us to avoid wanting many things and instead, to be satisfied with what is only truly needed.


Having experienced such moments, the seeds of compassion and sympathy were planted in our hearts. More and more, we are leaving behind the “I” and selflessly taking care of others.


“Selflessness” – unfortunately, a word unknown to the majority of people. We live in times where people have locked themselves in the prison of the ego, thrown away the keys and ensured a lifetime sentence for themselves.


In spite of all this however, there is still a chance to break free. This opportunity comes in the form of SERVICE. The only thing we have to do is to give love without expecting anything in return. It is only then that we will feel complete, that all evil qualities inside of us will dissolve and that in their place will arise true joy and happiness: the rare feeling of the absolute bliss of the soul!


SERVICE transforms us into better and more sensitive people, but most importantly it makes Swami very happy!


I am very grateful for the opportunity to have experienced these things, which has truly been beneficial to myself and everyone else. Such experiences remind us that there is hope for people to wake up and take part in humanitarian initiatives.


Despina Kyvernitou

Region 3


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