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Personal Transformation Experience

Journey of Transformation

As a teaching assistant working in a school for the last three years, it always seemed impossible that we would be able to attend Swami’s birthday in India during term time.

When Swami visited UK in April 2017, during the last of His Satsangs, He casually asked those gathered to come for His birthday in November. I thought, really? How? So in May that year I put in a request to the school headmistress for leave in November, thinking she would immediately say no, it is during term time.  Both my fellow colleagues and I were shocked when the following week she replied…yes!  Wow!  The journey had begun. 

At the first of the youth meetings I was directed to take part in a chat show “Tea and Transformation” to which I thought…no.   No, I don’t want to be on stage, I can’t talk in front of thousands of people, that’s not me, I’m far too shy.  As I was asked to reflect on this decision, sitting in front of Swami at the altar, the answer came promptly back – don’t be silly, of course you can do it, and yes, you will do it! 

And it wasn’t easy.  I was made to work for it.  To reflect on my own transformation, my own feelings, my real motives, my true story. I was probed deeper and deeper. Why, why, why!  How I came to Swami in His Divine Subtle Form, how I felt about this, my doubts, my reservations and how these were turned around – gradually, with His help. My involvement in Guru Vikas and subsequently Growing to be God, how I had doubts about this programme initially…my monkey mind…and how when I actually participated, I was pleasantly surprised that it was nothing I expected.

The other part of the chat show was focused on Swami’s Mahavakya of Sai Prema youth – Hear all, say Nothing; Bear all, do Nothing; Give all, take Nothing and Serve all, be Nothing.  What did this really mean to me and how do I practice it?

Constant guidance and feedback from Swami of our meetings and our conclusions kept up the motivation, the energy and the excitement.  My first few attempts at this were just not deep enough, He wanted more and more.  I was forced to dive deeper and really think about this and bring out the truth.  I ultimately realised that despite all my efforts to achieve, the real success only happens when I let go and surrender to the Lord, it is only then that I actually see Him working through me, especially when I am working with children.  So really, I take nothing, as nothing is mine…it is all His.

During this journey with Swami, He has kept me constantly busy and it is through this busy-ness, that Swami has lovingly held me by the hand and led me through this journey of continuing transformation.  Thank you Swami. 

Shilpa Parmar

Region 3, UK

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