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Personal Transformation Experience

Living His Presence in Our Ordinary Lives

When I was younger, I was a little bit rebellious and a little bit of a hippie. At the time, I just wanted to hang out with my friends and have fun and I was almost never home. In 2001, after I finished my studies, I went to India for the first time and spent five months there. 


I went to Calcutta first, where I served with Mother Teresa's nuns. After that, having read books about Sai Baba, I went to Puttaparthi with the woman that would one day become my wife. Seeing Swami had a great impact on our lives; once back in Italy we changed friends and habits and we decided to do social work and help disabled people.

From that moment on my wife and I spent 11 months per year waiting for a month of holidays in Prasanthi Nilayam: we were happy in India or this is what seemed to us. Then coming back we were caught little by little in the same routine of the material world and all the joy faded away. After 2011, we still continued to visit Puttaparthi, where we did Seva in the Western Canteen. In 2014, we decided to leave our jobs in the social field to open a little restaurant in order to serve the society through good cooked food, prepared with love.

At the same time, we met Swami’s manifestation in the subtle form and once again there was a radical change in our habits and relationships. Swami invited us to start Seva activities and to organise Satsangs. This made us meet extraordinary people, which helped us to open our minds and our hearts. It was wonderful to have the possibility of staying physically in the presence of Swami both during His visits to Italy and during our journeys in India. Now, it is clear that the time has come to not limit God to a place or a form but to live His presence in our ordinary life, day by day, completely.

This is possible only if we give others our best, to feel deeply that we all are a part of the same body and that our connection is nothing else but pure and selfless Love. The only thing that makes life full and worthy to be lived is the awareness of this Love, knowing there are no separations and acting in accordance with it. While we open our hearts to Swami, as long as we offer our minds and hands to work for Him, He takes the reins of our lives, guiding us towards the highest achievements step by step!

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Fabio Gobbo

Region 3, Italy

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