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Personal Transformation Experience

A Transforming Love

The first time I heard about Sai Baba was 22 years ago (I am almost 64 now). I had met a friend of mine, whom I had not seen for years. She told me about a holy man from India named Sai Baba. She was so touched talking about Him that she could not stop crying. Five years later, my beloved Reiki teacher, Mieczysław Sabaj, spoke of Swami and of his trip to Puttaparthi.


A while later, Swami appeared to me in a dream. He asked me if I knew that I was not an ordinary person and that I would have a task to do. I felt deeply touched and desired to meet Sai Baba. A group of 13 people decided to travel to Puttaparthi to meet Swami in August 2011. We were just about to buy tickets to India when Baba left His Physical Form on April 24, 2011.

We thought there was no more reason to go to India because Swami was no longer there. Our teacher said that this was an even better time to go to Puttaparthi because Baba’s energy is still there and His capacity for creation is much more increased now and even expanded worldwide. We trusted in our teacher, so we bought tickets and went. It was a time when many people mourned. Many felt deep sadness and grief in Puttaparthi. One day, during our stay in the Ashram, a few of us were invited to a devotee’s apartment nearby, in the Ashram. In their room we saw vibuthi coming out of the wall and the process was happening in front of our eyes! I was enchanted; it was a miracle for me! In that moment, I believed Swami was still with us. My consciousness transformed and broadened. It did not matter where I was, or if I could see Baba with my eyes. I felt Swami was everywhere, as well as in my heart!

In 2016, brother Mieczysław told us about Sai Baba in His Subtle Form and two people from our group went to Muddenahalli to participate in Satsangs with Swami. When they came back and described their spiritual experiences, I felt a tremendous desire to go to Muddenahalli and consolidate my connection to Baba. I went, and during one Satsang I gave Swami my letter with a desire to participate in His mission. When Swami took the letter from my hand, He looked deeply in my eyes and asked if I knew what I asked for. I said yes, and that moment changed my heart!

During our stay in Muddenahalli we went for omkar every morning. One morning the weather was windy and rainy and only six out of 25 members of our group showed up. That morning when we reached Sai Anandam, a door was suddenly opened by a Seva dal and everyone was invited inside. My heart skipped and my mind was gone. I felt that something was transforming inside me. That morning, I stepped out of Sai Anandam a different person. From that moment on, my life has changed. My meditations with Baba, which I practiced, reached a higher level. I began to understand that Baba is in everyone and everything around us, that we are not many - only One!

I improved myself to teach students with pure love, which I regarded as my Seva for Swami. My spiritual heart was opened for healing people. Chanting mantras and doing namasmarana became my everyday routine and Swami appeared in my dreams several times to guide me as my consciousness grew. Over time, my life around me had changed. My family was not very interested in Sai Baba, but they started to ask questions about who He is and what spirituality is. Now, one of my daughters intends to go for Satsang to meet Baba somewhere in Europe. I enjoy talking to my five-month old grandson about Swami's love, who looks at me and listens with deep concentration and understanding.

We started to do Seva in Poland. Almost every week, we meet with different groups of people to talk about Sai Baba and His Teachings. We practice a special meditation with Baba and share love with people who need help. Singing Bhajans for Baba opens our hearts and fulfills us with His Love. Our group is going to start a Sai Centre in Warsaw and it is a work in progress. Our Association, ‘Love all, Serve all’ has issued a special book titled ‘A message’ which discusses changes in the world and in our consciousness. Baba blessed that book during Maha Shivaratri in March 2019 by saying “Message, message” several times.

Baba is the Master in my life. He acts through me. Of course, there are some moments where my mind tries to take charge in everyday life or of the words coming from my mouth. But, I feel it is enough to ask Baba for help or ask Him “What can I do for You today, Swami?” and all that can transform into love and compassion. I am so grateful to Baba that He has appeared in my life and for His guidance on my way back home to Him! I convey love to all from my spirit heart!


Jadwiga Lenartowicz

Region 3, Poland

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