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Personal Transformation Experience

In Search of True Love

I was always inquiring in my mind how love should be conveyed. This questioning increased more and more when I turned 17. People’s behavior towards me seemed to be deprived of love in every sense: whether it is the way they would speak to me, or how they would treat me... I was wondering why there was an obvious obstacle between us, or why I was unable to receive the same love I was showing them in abundance.


People would address me in general, asking about my health and so on, but they would never look me in the eye. Then I started to read more books, on personal development in particular. I realized that my sixth sense was open. I was seeing myself differently, but maybe it was my ego. I became an introvert.

I was an average student, so I could not get into the University very easily. Before getting there, between the years 1997 and 1999, I was praying: Dear God! Please let me get into the University, otherwise I will die of disappointment. It did not happen that year, but I managed to do so the next year. Getting into the University meant studying in another city with different people. But, for the first time, I had a friend with whom I shared the same interests; we talked and reacted in the same way. Her name was Sezen and she was a very decent person. We moved together into a separate house, but when I lost her the very next year in a traffic accident, my world was shattered. I experienced death for the first time. Even though she left her body, I was still feeling her love being present with me. I started to question as to what is meaningful in this world. I was feeling as if I would never be able to live anymore. In those troubled times, a lady who was giving spiritual healing helped me a lot and brought me to Sai Baba and the Selfless Seva Trust. I met Mr. Kaya Günata, the founder of the Turkish Sai Movement. It was exactly the kind of place I had searched for. I feel myself to be very lucky. I am no longer alone. We are all aware of the impression Sai Baba leaves on people and all beings. This is why my story will stop here.


Özlem Çelebi

Region 3, Turkey

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