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Personal Transformation Experience

Connection to Divinity

A dear family friend became a guide for me during the first years of my youth. When I was a young boy, she told me stories about India, Baba and her experiences. It was never enough for me to hear her speak about these things. I loved listening to her, because I could feel it was nourishing a part of me that I didn’t know well yet, and back then, I could only sense it.


Year after year, the urge to go to the source of all this became essential. In November 2018 I chose to go to Muddenahalli to hear and see with my own eyes all that I had heard about. Magically, I got a small job that allowed me to earn enough money to buy the ticket and so I left. 


I was bringing along a fundamental expression that I got from the experiences of others: “When I went to Muddenahalli, I saw how the future world will be. People from all religions will unite under a single big idea: “love and serve all”.


During that trip I didn't see spectacular healings, mystic events and incredible things; there were none of the special effects that a part of me would have liked. And yet, something big happened; I realized it only some days after my return to Italy. What was usually bothering me before my two weeks in the Ashram wasn't a problem anymore. Calm was prevailing inside. People would use rage against me and I was able to observe with a new view, quiet and immobile. My mind was in peace. I wasn't at its mercy anymore; my mind was like a simple instrument and I was the one guiding it. I lived an incredible joy, and that's what imprinted in me the consciousness that a different way of living is possible and I really think that I experienced how relationships will be in the “new world”. For months I lived in this state of presence and mental quiet until, day after day, through the daily life, I lost that silence. I was upset, I felt anger and unhappiness. Anyway, what is born in me is the consciousness that it's not so important to have that state return immediately; in fact, it is much more important to have the struggle that, day after day, working on myself, on my will, I'm putting to reach that mental peace. While I write I remember similar experiences that Mr Tigrett had.


Now I know, by personal experience, that it is really possible to express my true power, playing my role in the bigger picture. I know I was born to experience the same divine joy that permeates all creation. The joy and the peace that comes by recognizing the presence of God in each one of His shapes and cultural representations. A fire that also burns in you, who are reading these lines. A light, reachable with a simple thought: “I’m made of the same colours of God”. I know I can show my light to suffering people in every moment, so that they can be helped to understand that their staying in a state of pain is a personal choice. And I know the ability of being this light and colour is not something difficult to gain, because our deepest essence expresses this! Our own elements, in their dance and in their manifestation, express the same ecstasy of the Sufi and the lightness and the joy of the Being. So we cannot be anything different from ourselves, we must only realize it!


When I am angry or sad, there is always an observer and aware part in me that keeps to remind me I am choosing my line of thoughts. Whenever I see a person expressing anger, I know there are other things he would like to express. Every time I express anger, I know there is a hidden part of my inner child, which experiences a lack of love. Whenever I forget to be nourished by Divine Love, I claim attention from the world. For this reason, I have expectations and I am disappointed. When I “recharge myself” by finding the connection to my idea of divinity, I am centered. This is the gate to the peace of mind, to a more balanced point of view about things I still consider unpleasant situations, failings, oversights and self-harmful actions.


Another experience that I have been taking with me since the meeting with Baba is the call to act immediately, regardless of my abilities, in order to take part in the great historical change we are living these days. I know, I could decide to be only a witness, doing nothing and wasting my talents.  Otherwise, I can observe what nourishes me in action, doing all of it to serve each being.  I used to think helping the Universe and serving the neighbors were something out of my hand, out of my reach. I've had a change of mind! There are a lot of projects about whom boys and girls I met in India talked to me. These projects were replicated in Italy and they are all currently active. An example is the Guru Vikas project that prepares children, the adults of the future, for the more respectful, empathic and awakened world of tomorrow than the one we are living in today. A world with a wide and farsighted view… Have a nice journey!


Simone Venditti

Region 3, Italy

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