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Personal Transformation Experience

Divinely Guided and Blessed Journey of Transformation

Keeping to the uplifting rhythm of the tabla beating in the background, thanks to Bhagawan’s grace and blessings, this soul has been treading the path leading to God, while – as Swami told the Uvacha teams during the Exclusive Interview of 2017 – laying the same road it has to tread, by learning and performing the practice of selfless love and selfless service under His divine guidance.

As a soul in a human body, for some time now, I have been feeling like a toddler just learning to stand and get balanced on its two legs to get transformed from the crawling to the walking phase. Surely this is not an easy task, but thanks to Baba for never leaving His firm grasp on this soul, He enabled me to maintain the balance and take a few steps forward in this divine process, even if awkwardly at first. It was Swami’s Divine Visit to Istanbul, Turkey, in 2017, which decisively kindled the fire of transformation in me. Up until then I was not ready to embark on such a thrilling spiritual adventure although I came to know of Shirdi Sai Baba in 1975, and later in 1979, of Sathya Sai Baba. As I happened to visit Prasanthi Nilayam and had my first Darshan in 2006, for about 25 years, I just wetted my feet walking along the shore but never dared to dive into the deep waters. Even when I finally dived, apparently, I was not interested in looking for pearls. Nevertheless, I now know that Bhagawan was, slowly but surely, preparing me for the pearly journey ahead. I should mention, with gratitude, the three great souls who acted as Swami’s instruments in shaping me, during this adventurous journey, into a soul eligible for being attracted by His divine magnetic pull. First one was Sri Ramana Maharshi, who initially aroused an interest in me for Indian spirituality, meditation and some form of yogic practice, drawing me consistently towards the Presence despite my lapses. Then came Sri Kaya Günata, the founder of the Selfless Seva Trust of Turkey, who initiated me into Swami’s “Love All, Serve All” teaching and practice, working on me with great patience for almost 30 years, especially regarding my transformation from studying Sai literature and contemplating on it, to practising the Sai principles on a day to day basis. And of course, General M.L. Chibber, who led me along the bridge that directly took this soul to the Divine Lotus Feet, to experience and bask in the Divine Love that Baba is. But even then, I needed one final hammer blow so that the block of stone that was me could be cracked to reveal the loving heart within, and that came in the form of His Subtle Presence, as mentioned above, during the 2017 Divine Visit to Turkey. And soon after the 2017 Subtle Body experience, I was asked to join the Uvacha team that was just being established in Turkey, which came as the topping on the cake. So Swami could now directly reveal His Presence within the heart and set the transformation process into full motion. All in all, the profuse blessings showered upon us all in Turkey during the Divine Visits of 2017 and now in 2019, and during our regular visits to Muddenahalli, has graciously kept the fire of transformation burning bright in our hearts, aiming to purify not only ‘me’ but ‘we’ so that we can all become victorious in completing this divinely guided journey from self-centred to selfless love and service, not in just theory but in day to day practice, practice and practice!


Suat Bergil

Region 3, Turkey

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