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Personal Transformation Experience

Transformation is Not a Destination

 So it was after Bhagawan commanded us to find a permanent solution for homeless children that we started to reach out local shelters in the Bay area.

Interestingly we came across the Bill Wilson Center and shared with them our vision which was to find a permanent solution for homeless kids. We met the community in-charge person there, shared our insight and surprisingly they were very receptive, we got a lot of input from her about how a shelter works, the state of kids on the street, what they go through and what services they need. It was very in-depth, informative and insightful conversation. It was very disturbing to know about the state of the kids. I was very moved, surprised, but inspired to take up this task of working on a permanent solution for these kids, not knowing what we were taking up, but just with a firm faith that Bhagawan would lead us through.


This conversation completely changed my mindset about homeless kids and youth and my heart went out for these kids on the streets. It changed my perspective to focus more on the cause rather, than just doing it because Swami asked us to. The transformation can be experienced only when you have your full heart and head into it. 


I believe Transformation is not a destination, but a journey which always takes interesting turns and dives you deep down as you grow yourself into a selfless initiative. 








Aditya Kurulkar

Region 4

Northern California, USA

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