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Transformation through Service

I am Rodrigo Deodato, also known as Ganesha - name given by Swami during His Divine Visit to Brazil in 2018, and I coordinate the group of Narayana Seva, in Recife, Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil.

By being in one of the poorest regions in the country, the work of Narayana Seva gains a dimension of great importance for the people who get meals weekly. With this service, the responsibility, discipline in the conduct of the task and the creation of a fraternal atmosphere of respect and dedication are the points that have most impacted my life.


In January 2019, I founded the Narayana Seva group in Brasília / Distrito Federal. I was greatly amazed by how big is the number of people in poverty in the city which is the Capital of my country. I gathered a group of over five people and began to deliver meals weekly, following the instructions of Sathya Sai Baba in the Subtle Body. The work was developed and remains strong to this day in the city.


For professional reasons, I moved to my hometown, Recife. Here, I organised one more group for Narayana Seva because I felt in my heart that I needed to continue to take forward the will of my Lord – “Love all, Serve all!” Few more friendly people welcomed the call and soon more than 15 people were already part, directly and indirectly, of the preparation and distribution of food to people living on the streets and in conditions of social vulnerability. In six months of the Narayana Seva group operation in Recife, about 4,400 meals have been distributed.


It was through the union of the group, when in September 2019, by the divine love of Swami, I founded the Sai Infinite Love Centre (Anantha Prema Sai), an institution of prayer and service that welcomes the volunteer group of Narayana Seva, with a monthly average of nearly 1,000 meals distributed every month! This is in addition to other study activities, meditations, Bhajans and Education in Human Values.


This fact made it possible for human values, namely, truth, righteousness, nonviolence, love and peace to be experienced by me and the volunteers of the Narayana Seva group. We experienced by practicing and developing these virtues amongst us and above all, spreading it to the people who receive food on the streets.


The Narayana Seva is the opportunity I needed to translate into action the teachings of Swami that I already received. Therefore, I encourage whoever wants to develop the path of spiritual evolution, to exercise it through Narayana Seva. I can say with thankful heart that Sri Sathya Sai Baba has completely changed my life and my being and this change continuously happens through the study of myself, through the Human Values, and the constant practice of Narayana Seva!


Hope to always have the opportunity to love and serve at the lotus feet of my beloved Swami!


Rodrigo Deodato

Region 4

Pernambuco, Brazil

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