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Personal Transformation Experience
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Youth Testimonial

My name is Blake Anderson. I was born and raised in the native first nations community. At an early age of thirteen I was influenced by addiction, alcohol and gang related violence. I was incarcerated for five years for a serious crime I did. Currently I am out on bail in the community. 

Institute of Human Development, Canada has helped me a lot to transform, with the values I need to be a better human and regain and connect back to my first nations values of love and non-violence. Lord Baba gave me love and helped me understand and realize my true self. 

Now I know that my body did the crime and not my true self. Today I am enrolled into a post secondary college taking a management diploma program.  Thank you Baba, please help me so I can love and help other youths who are like me. 


Blake Anderson
Region 4 Canada

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