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Transformation through Service

I have been doing Seva offering psychological care to underprivileged children and youth from a (free) State school here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I am a psychologist and I went to this school near my residence to find out if there was a demand for food support for the school children.

In talking to the school board, I was told that the school had food, but they needed psychological support (I had not said anything about being a psychologist) to some young people who, because of their personal issues were having serious problems regarding learning and relating at school. I made myself available to assist, always keeping in mind and heart that it was Swami who had placed me there. In attendance, many serious questions were brought by the students; some went through attempts of self-extermination; another, due to recurring sexual harassment at home throughout her childhood was angry with herself and this caused major blockages in life; one had quarreled with God and his own father, who is the pastor of an evangelical community, for finding himself homosexual (in this particular case, by the end of the session the boy already felt close to God again); another girl became involved in drugs and was homeless because of a fight with her family; a boy for recurring bullying was heading for dissociation of feelings. More stories are being brought to work during the psychological counseling sessions. Attending this school has always reminded me of the questions, “Swami, what do You expect from me? How can I Serve You?” Each time I perform this Seva, I feel great joy and realise that the meaning of life is to serve God through service to people. It makes me feel that when each one of us reorganises oneself in life, it brings an organisation to the whole society!!! Thank you, Swami, for this opportunity to serve You!

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Rafael Coimbra

Region 4

Minas Gerais, Brazil

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