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Self-Transformation Through Narayana Seva

I have worked in the distribution of food to the homeless since December 2017, in Rio de Janeiro, when we started our project called Narayana Seva. Today, remembering that time, I see the beginning of a change that comes from the inside out, as it starts from my inner self and grows gradually. 

At first, it was not easy; it seemed that everything led me to give up. On the days when Seva was supposed to happen; there was always something that I wanted to do that would come up. Usually those were frivolous things, like a party, night life or any other leisure event. With time and willingness to move forward in the work of service to others, I faced those desires. Failing to prevent them 100%, I started to balance a little of each. That was when I realised what was in fact, desire created by the illusion or by the love existing in my heart. As realisation started to happen, futile desires decreased, causing disinterest in places frequented before, old habits and certain companions, as if I was in another frequency. I associate my changes with devotion to Swami and the involvement with Narayana Seva; which today I see as a mission and I endeavour to attend almost all the distributions. Something makes me think that I am on the right track and I have had some evidence that Swami showed me that I am not alone and that I can trust Him forever! No doubt, Narayana Seva has helped me to see that my needs were nothing close to what my brothers were going through; helped me to see others’ needs and that it should come first, before mine. It helped me to love humanity more and gave me an unspeakable peace of mind. So, I keep going, ever so grateful to Swami for having initiated my process of transformation. I want to contribute and dedicate myself more and more with this project and earn more and more of Swami’s Love!


Filipe MB

Region 4


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