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Experience From Swami´S 94Th Birthday Celebration

Time in God´s hands is an essential ingredient for transforming souls; slowly penetrating, like water, to soften the heart.  Waiting twenty years to make a trip may seem like a long time, but only God can know the precise moment when the student is ready and when to grant the grace of nearness, so the transformation process can enter a new stage. A new stage where the resolute intention of taking action is born, to share professional experience and offer it as service to support the neediest, in the Seva of Nutrition. 

In 1999, my wife, Rosa Margarita visited the Ashram in Puttaparthi to see Swami. Her experience was unforgettable for her, especially the devotion and energy among the devotees and visitors.  She recommended that I plan a trip there. 


At long last I had the opportunity to visit the Ashram in Muddenahalli as a devotee from Mexico to witness Swami in His subtle form. 


My first Darshan was before the inauguration of the Youth Meet and I had my letter with the image of Shiva-Shakti (Sri Yantra) for Swami. At the end of the discourse by Madhusudan-Sai, He mentioned that Swami is always in our thoughts and through an inner vision we can find Him, not in the external. 


He did not take the letter, but His message planted a seed in my heart.  Finally, on the day of His birthday, I felt His inner peace and blessing.  Upon my return to Monterrey, Mexico, I began the process of change, along with my family and close friends. 


I give thanks to Swami and Madhusudan Sai for this experience of seeing in action His Service in Education, Health and Nutrition (Annapoorna) which can enable me to put it in practice in Mexico, with the help of other committed devotees. 


My work has been in the food industry, specifically cereals and legumes which gives me a short term opportunity to fortify them in breakfasts and lunches for students. This would not only improve their nutritional quality, but also their integral learning abilities. 


 J. Fernando Ramirez

Region 4 Mexico

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