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Personal Transformation Experience

Surrender and Faith

I left Venezuela almost half a year ago, looking for a better quality of life due to the critical situation we are going through in Venezuela.


On the trip, there were a lot of difficulties so, when I arrived in Argentina, I was in a worse situation than at the beginning of my trip. The first few days were frustrating, the daily job search resulted in unsatisfactory results, and the little money I had, made me feel a little less hopeful. However, every night I got the way to pay the accommodation (I still do not understand how).


One day I received an invitation to a meeting, I had no idea what it was, but even so I went. It was a gathering of devotees of Sai Baba. The love I received from those people, who until then were complete strangers to me, made me feel hopeful again. Since that first meeting I noticed that in my life things have happened things that I can only describe as miraculous. I got a job the day after the meeting at a vegan restaurant. For me, it was a divine sign. Until then I knew nothing about Sai Baba, but I understood that He has always known about me. My living conditions have improved a lot since then and the blessings in my life do not stop coming.

Sai Ram







Eduardo Rincón

Region Four

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