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Helping Beings In Need

Selfless Seva Trust Of Istanbul

Selfless Seva Trust of Istanbul, Turkey, has continued to do Seva activities between October 5, 2020 and November 1, 2020; many people were visited and provided with the following services:

  • On Mondays and Wednesdays, food was cooked regularly and delivered to several homes in need throughout the month at the following districts:

  • 800 meals in Sisli Region

  • 256 meals in Pendik Region

  • 800 meals in Ömerli Region

  • 168 meals in Uskumruköy Region

  • The youth have also continued with the Narayana Seva individually as per Swami’s dictum, ‘Let no one go to sleep hungry’. 

  • 1,686 meals delivered individually.

  • Necessary medical supplies were provided to the people with ailments in the Sisli, Istanbul region.

  • The house-rent of two homes, and the utility fees such as electricity and water of 10 homes were paid.

  • Every day, in two districts of Istanbul – Zekeriyaköy Region and Fenerbahçe Region – dogs, cats, birds and sometimes horses are provided with food, water and medical care. When encountered, all kinds of animals in need are provided with the necessary help.​

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