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Turkey Seva

Youth group of Turkey was involved in many Seva activities during 2020 and through the lockdown, as per Swami’s request:


  • The group has been organising weekly online study circles and separately, weekly online practice of Vedic chants, including nightly prayers.

  • Some members that are part of the Sai Clinic do distant healing sessions three times a week.

  • Regular Seva of feeding the needy in four districts of Istanbul is organised, distributing cooked foods like pasta, chickpeas, vegetable stew, or lentils. During colder months, families in need are also distributed firewood.

  • Swami’s Divine Discourses are being transcribed and translated regularly for online study circles.

  • Translation work on the Uvacha series is going on, the team is currently working on Uvacha 8 and 9, including translation of The Story Divine part 2.

  • The work on the Ashram continues, mainly on the amphitheatre.

  • ‘Growing to be God’ classes have been going fortnightly, until summer break.

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