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Serving with Love and a Smile

Offering my loving Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, I would like to share a story of my transformation that is constantly on going.


Last year I found myself wanting to help those less fortunate by distributing food. And as always, Swami provides a way for this to happen. So there I was, extremely eager and ‘my' ego was puffed up with the small selection of sandwiches that I made, thinking I had done a great job. I arrived at the homeless shelter where I saw some volunteers cooking fresh food, and instantly ‘my’ ego was knocked. I realised the effort I had put in was very small when compared to the others. Week after week ‘my’ ego would keep taking blows until a point where I would just do the service mechanically.


I remember a special turning point – it happened when I was serving one day. I questioned myself and thought "why am I serving if I am not happy serving? What is the point in serving?” I was trying to find the root cause for this desensitised service and it was haunting me throughout the entire duration of that particular Seva activity. It was only when I came home and finally sat down that I heard and felt the most loving voice from within, say “Are you serving them with love? Do you see Me in them?” It was Swami speaking to me as clear as day!


From then on I have been trying to serve everyone I meet as Swami. Sometimes I forget, but I bring my attention back to seeing Him in all and serve them as if I was serving Him. With a smile but most importantly with love, and just with this one change, the Seva that I participate in gives me great love and joy.


Only now do I realise his message, “LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL”. Let us all be His beacons of love. Sai Ram.

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