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Christmas Joy

There has been a multitude of Christmas Activities amongst the elderly homes within the UK, as is the saying ‘Britain Lives for Christmas, and Christmas Lives for Britain’.


The youth started the Christmas year of giving by distributing blankets to the elderly, as part of their Blanket Revolution Scheme - which looks at giving hand knitted hats and blankets to the elderly. It was done under the auspice of Swami’s Birthday and has been going on for the past two years. The colourful activities and joyful events started in Leicester. Where the youth distributed gifts, played games - with the GTGB (Gifts That Give Back Programme) children being a part of this. The youth then went onto spend Christmas at other homes, having lots of Carols, games and a whole ton of laughter.  Each of the residents participated in all of the games, and showed the youth a lot of love. Each of them, were presented prizes and gifts as part of the celebrations. Earlier in the month of December, the residents had, with the youth, made their own Christmas Decorations to be used at the home. It was wonderful to see, and touching that the elderly wanted to be a part of something greater than themselves - it was testament to the grace of Swami, the youth were able to see the qualities of compassion, creativity and determination. The youth then went to Lewisham on Christmas day where they gave chocolates to all of the elderly, did mediations and played balloon games. It was a saddening sight that not many families turned up to see them. However, the youth were touched by the love that the elders had for them, as their own. As they were leaving, the staff were touched by their gesture and welled up with tears - from this it was evident that Swami was there!

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