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On an unusually beautiful Saturday morning, the Sai Youth from Houston got together once again in love and harmony to serve the homeless of downtown, Houston. Close to 110 sandwiches were made with tofurky, pickles, mayo mustard and cheesy goodness. Crackers and juice were also prepared by the volunteers. Even the younglings joined in to help in the crusade of love. Over time, this sevā has grown to be not just love in action but also a time to bond, laugh and grow with each other in the process. The pandemic had isolated so many around the world that people are now appreciating and ever more grateful to spend time together. 

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All the sandwiches were loaded up in the love-mobile and taken to the encampments under the bypasses. The Sai youth had affiliated themselves with a beautiful soul who was not only helping the homeless have hot showers in his trailer, but also getting them off the streets to the best of his ability. So, the youth also fed the homeless who were patiently waiting for their showers. They were famished and ever grateful for the delicious food made with love and would smile ear to ear when they saw the little angels who eagerly participated in handing out food as well.


This service opportunity has been a blessing to allow the hearts of all the Sai youth to open more and more with each act of giving. For they knew deep in the recesses of their hearts that the ‘givers were truly the receivers’. 

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