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March 3 and 4, 2018

Ways to Participate in OWOS

All of us have love for people who are less fortunate than us and for those who are going through difficult times. When the love converts into service it helps not only the needy, but also mainly helps us in discovering our true self through service.

One World One Sai is a platform to find volunteering opportunities for various service activities happening around the world and enables event organisers to plan and host their event. Not  only are there many volunteering opportunities available through the various projects that are listed on the OWOS website, but there are also different activities within the OWOS Team itself.

During an interview Swami advised that spending time selflessly, using one’s skills, is greatly beneficial because of the impact it can create both in the project as well as within the individual. Swami explained how focussed selfless service becomes meditation. While the prime aim of OWOS was to map volunteers to projects based on their skills and availability, it is also helping the OWOS Team to identify volunteers who have specialised skills.

Right now, One World One Sai operates under various departments and sub departments, technical and non-technical. There are various opportunities for volunteers on the OWOS Team based on matching individual skill sets and availability.  Some of the OWOS departments are

  • Technology / Engineering

    • Development

    • Quality Assurance

    • Information Technology

    • Project Management

  • Product Management

    • Business Analysis

    • User Interface (UI/UX)

  • Support

    • Helpdesk

    • Training

  • Outreach Management

    • Outreach programs

    • OWOS Engagement

    • Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Event Support

  • Compliance Management

    • USA Compliance

    • Global Compliance

  • Content Management

    • Web/Mobile Content editor

    • Newsletter Editor

    • Graphic designers

    • Content Manager

  • OWOS Volunteer Management

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