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Dearest Youth of the World!


Om Sai Ram!


What glorious times we live in when the Lord Himself is travelling from country to country to answer prayers of His devotees by giving solutions to their medical, educational, social and life problems. 

How blessed we youth are that He is giving us mere mortals an opportunity to become His eyes, hands and feet. Are you ready to become Him? He's waiting! Don't waste this opportunity. It is time that we become leaders of our nations and role models in society by becoming living examples of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. 

To become living, walking, talking and doing Sathya Sai Babas of this world, it is essential that we internalise and imbibe the very life, message and teachings of the Lord and seek to extract the Divinity within. 

To help us on this path, the Lord has graciously given us a blueprint in the form of a 9-point Sadhana Plan:
1. Daily prayers and pranayam 
2. Daily meditation 
3. Daily reading of a spiritual text
4. Once a week devotional singing and study circles 
5. One selfless act a day
6. Weekly service initiatives to serve the poor and needy
7. In-depth involvement in a major service project undertaken by your country 
8. Ceiling on our desires
9. Controlling the external and internal senses and undertake disciplined spiritual exercises to realise that Swami in the indweller of our heart

This royal pathway to spirituality is a boon from our dear Lord. Let us cherish it and offer our gratitude to Him by seriously undertaking every one of the nine prescribed steps and making it an integral part of our lives.

May He bless us all with His Divine love & grace. 


Love & Sai Ram

Sumeet Tappoo & Bhuvana Santhanam 
(World Youth Coordinators)

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