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               As earlier announced, we have the regular “USA Youth Meet” on the first Saturday of every month at 10.30 AM PST. People residing in the Bay Area usually attend in person while the rest of America dials in to participate in the beautiful Satsang.















          As planned, we met on February 4th, 2017 and started with a prayer to Swami, to be present and be the guiding force for us. After welcoming Swami to preside over the proceedings, we dived right into the most awaited discussion of Swami's visit to the United States in June 2017. Brother Bobby shared Swami’s entourage travel dates with all of us and also mentioned about the public Satsangh dates.  From past years’ experience, we already know that this is going to be the most beautiful times of our lives.


Sunnyvale, Northern California                     Sunday,   June 18
Orange County, Southern California                 Saturday, June 24

               While we wanted to be there in all these places and spend every moment with Swami, we know what it means to welcome Swami for one event. The amount of work, coordination, and focus needed for one event itself is a mammoth task. The perfection needed for every event of Swami itself teaches us lessons for a lifetime. While we do always need volunteers to help, we also know such an opportunity and grace is not bestowed upon everyone. We reminisced what happened in the previous years’ public Satsang in Sunnyvale and Irvine and discussed what Swami had guided us on.  We had a few new callers this time who dialed into listen in mode. We had representation from Kansas, Arizona, Seattle, New York and several persons attending the in-person in California. After praying to Swami for guidance, we moved to the next topic.


* * * * * * * * * 


                                                                                  SPECIAL GUEST!
               We had a special guest this time. One of the developer leads who helped us create the architecture for One World One Sai was present for the meeting. Guru, is a philanthropic person but not a “Sai-Devotee”. Who are we to call someone a Sai devotee ☺ but I only wanted to convey that Guru had not the opportunity of knowing our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba earlier in his life. He had come for an onsite visit and was staying the bay area. The most wonderful miracle is that Guru was staying in the same hotel, Best Western Inn in Milpitas where we have our regular youth Sai Satsang. Guru decided to attend the YA Satsang and met us in the conference room. I don’t need to mention what happened at the end of the meeting ☺. By the end of the call he was totally inspired and transformed, and he became more curious to know about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and about His current subtle form.
















               Sister Rashmi from Kansas shared her beautiful story of her transformation. She explained how Swami listens to our every single thought and how our every single desire to serve the Lord automatically materializes. Sister Rashmi shared a wonderful story on what happened during the first YA meet that Swami inaugurated last year in Milpitas and when she and her mother visited the public Satsang in Sunnyvale last year. It was very beautiful to listen to her revelations on how Swami connects people together. If only we had the awareness and an open mind like sister Rashmi, we would be able to listen to Swami all the time. Brother Raju from Arizona then shared his story of how he found Swami has been his guiding light throughout. Earlier when brother Raju visited San Diego, he was praying to Swami asking for guidance on how to serve Swami and Swami beautifully revealed to the brother that he was doing Ph.D. on a particular subject because Swami had wanted him to do specifically that. Now, brother Raju is very instrumental in setting up One World One Sai.

















               As One World One Sai is shaping up beautifully as wanted by Swami, a lot of people are pouring in to help. It was such a wonderful sight to see. We completed the YA Satsang with any such wonderful stories, discussing Swami’s various visiting cards and most importantly what we need to do to carry forward in HIS mission. In the mission of Sri Rama everyone had a role, be it the monkeys, bears or the squirrels. Legend says that even mountains and trees wanted to be part of it. In order to build the bridge to Lanka, one huge mountain sacrificed itself saying it’s one of the biggest mountains and it can provide a lot of stones and contribute to the building of the bridge. God melts at such selfless sacrifice and love. Sri Rama blessed that mountain saying that in the age of Kali, Sri Rama himself would stay on top of it and it would be called “Tirumala”, meaning the holy hill. Now, in the age of Kali it is said that Lord Rama resides in this temple, and the mountain is famously called Tirupathi in southern India.
               We pray to Bhagawan to grant us an opportunity to do His work, allow us to be the squirrels, the monkeys, the trees and the mountains in the service of the very same Lord Sri Sairama.





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