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We came to Bhagawan’s most loving divine fold around two decades ago. From that blessed moment HE has been our Divine Father guiding and guarding us. My sister Reshmi and I always referred to Bhagawan as our “Divine Father” because he had gifted us a physical father who was an expression of unsullied love. Our dearest physical father drenched us in his infinite love and care. We grew up safe and secure untouched by the outside world under his protecting wings. He was our role model and we emulated him in our life. He was the most humane and compassionate human we have ever seen in our lives. He left lasting impressions of his impressionable character in the hearts of all those who were fortunate to come in touch with him. My sister and I imbibed numerous values of life from him. Life thus rolled on…

“Our adversities are His opportunities”. True to these words Bhagawan appeared in my sister’s dream during first week of January 2016. His dreams are undoubtedly HIS visiting cards. The dream pushed us to a shocking realm of life and left us bewildered. Bhagawan was seated majestically on a fast moving train (referring to the journey of life) Suddenly the train comes to a halt (life coming to an end on the physical plane). Now she hears the sound of ambulance and she sees Swami announcing my father’s name with a loving smile. Later she hears the cries of people and my mother’s words “he is gone”. Moving ahead Swami appeared in my sister’s dreams three times – asking her if she had any problem, then giving her Padanamaskar and also allowing her to touch HIS divine hair and  face pouring and assuring HIS fatherly love. In the last and final dream Bhagawan firmly gave her the message “Take as Arjuna had told Krishna” (soul has no death and birth). Journeying forward in life on a beautiful afternoon in the month of May as I was taking a small nap in the afternoon I had a powerful vision of Swami. The front door of my home opened with the thunderous force of the wind and BHAGAWAN ENTERED MY HOME IN HIS ORANGE ROBE. He walked briskly and stood in front of my bedroom door. He blessed me with HIS ABHAYAHASTA AND VANISHED IN A MOMENT. In the same month I had to appear for a training program and my name was sent by my school authorities but to my utter surprise my name alone did not figure in the final list that was sent by our Regional Office.



Instead Bhagawan sent me to my parental home and I spent 17 most memorable, cherishing days with my father- every single moment etched deep in the inner recess of my heart. I made many preparations and sent my parents to my sister’s home in Germany. As my father waved his hands bidding goodbye to me, the smile that slipped from his lips pierced my heart and I experienced the fulfillment of having performed the duty of a daughter to her father. The most compassionate Lord showered on my sister twenty two beautiful days with our dearest father filled with untold joy and happiness. On the last Thursday of their stay at Germany my sister took them to the Sai centre. The video played on that day had continuous chanting of “Allahu Akbar” by our beloved Bhagawan. At the end of the session my sister applied Vibhoothi on my fathers chest and forehead. As my sister sat beside my father holding his compassionate hands and leaning on to his shoulder in the train during their return journey to the airport Swami’s dream rushed back into her mind once again. Bidding goodbye to my sister at the Munich airport my father waved his loving hands to her with the most enchanting smile that ever slipped from his lips. My parents reached Kerala on the 3rd of July. On the 6 th of July, the auspicious day of Ramzan happened to be a holiday for our school. My father spoke to me and my sister in the morning of 6 th July. During the course of his conversation he quoted the great Abraham Lincoln to us. He went on and narrated to us the story of an IPS officer who was determined and got his IPS very late in his life and touched the pinnacle of success. Our father imprinted his message for a lifetime in our hearts. Quoting him…..”Try again, try again try again and you will be successful. Never ever fail in your life”. These were the pearls of wisdom he showered on us. The same afternoon my father met with his fatal accident. He was rushed to the medical college hospital where he received utmost care and treatment. Swami’s love and energy helped me to walk into the ICU every morning and evening and I applied Vibhoothi on his neck, forehead, hands and chest. I also chanted the Sai Gayatri as I stood and looked at my father. On the tenth of July exactly at 5pm our dearest physical father merged at the lotus feet of our divine father. Filled with sorrow beyond words we were but true examples of courage because our Divine Father had prepared us for this huge drama of life. HIS dreams and HIS vision proved to us that HE was GOD in human form. The next day when our dearest father’s sacred body was brought home we sat gazing at his most loving face, chanting Sai Gayatri incessantly for forty five minutes. Our most loving Swami helped us to create an environment suffused with Sai’s namasmarana. We were also able to understand the significance of Swami chanting "Allahu Akbar" when my father attended the evening prayer session for it was on the auspicious day of Ramzan that he met his fateful road accident. Through Swami’s Divine call to my father he has once again reinforced the lesson in us that unflinching faith and surrender to HIM will help us sail through all ordeals of life. Even in the moments of great adversities you can see and feel HIS divine Hands holding you and guiding you. Never can our Swami leave his children!


As a teacher, Bhagawan has helped me tremendously to reach my students with his most invaluable teaching-- -- -- “Parents are living Gods”. The first and foremost duty of children and youth should be to take care of their parents and live up to their expectations. Today when I stand in front of them with this life defining experience I am able to pierce in to their hearts helping them realize the selfless love and sacrifice of their parents. Parents are our priceless treasure— greatest gift of our Lord for a lifetime. There is no substitute for their immeasurable love and care.

             SWAMI !!! We, your daughters surrender at your DIVINE LOTUS FEET.

                                               - By Jyothi N Pillai , Reshmi N Pillai (Sister)


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