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Youth Activities in Batticola



“Nobility without ability is useless, and ability without nobility is dangerous”


The above quoted words of our lord appear to be embedded in the hearts of the youth of Batticaloa as they strive to provide an all-encompassing value based education to the children of the Kirankulam area. This “Educare” project which began with the financial aid of a few kind hearts and the unwavering spirit and dedication of the youth was inaugurated on the 22nd of February 2016 and is being continued to date.

By Swami's Grace and blessings a total of 583 children aged 6-16 are being transformed through this Seva today. In addition to providing free tuition, the spiritual activities such as teaching meditation, Veda chanting and Bhajans are conducted on a regular basis.


As a part of developing moral values, the youth have conducted a “Maathru Pooja”ceremony honouring the boundless love and sacrifice of their mothers. The children who attend the tuition programmes and their mothers took part in this beautiful ceremony.

Maathru Pooja

Students receiving tuition and preparing for exams

The construction of the shed for the Educare programme

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