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It's summer, and the temperature is already at its peak. All are busy ascribing the scorching heat to global warming, deforestation, pollution and lot more. Rather, should we not do something to survive this heat effectively and naturally?

When the flaming Sun is taking away all the energy, a glass of enriched drink, offered with a beaming smile can be thirst quenching and revitalizing. To help the commuters beat the heat, the Annapoorna volunteers from Thiruvananthapuram came up with an idea of providing boiled drinking water infused with natural herbs.

The team had rendered this service for all three months of March, April and May during last summer. The overwhelming response from the public energized them to continue their efforts this summer as well.

The initiative was inaugurated on Friday, March 01, 2019 at Sreekariyam junction wherein a glass of this natural, herbal drink was offered to the City Traffic Sub-Inspector by the Annapoorna volunteers Sri. Ramakrishnan and Sri. Baiju!

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