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Annapoorna's SaiSure health mix scheme has already been introduced in various districts in Karnataka such as Chikkaballapura, Ramanagara, Mandya, Kalaburugi, Tumakuru and Bengaluru Rural. The scheme is also implemented in parts of States like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

SaiSure is a scientifically formulated multi-nutrient health mix that complements the milk supplied by the Government of Karnataka, in terms of essential nutrients such as essential micro-nutrients, enhanced with a good taste that the children can relish. SaiSure is currently benefiting close to one lakh children in Karnataka.

Following the positive results of SaiSure health mix powder on children’s health, Annapoorna team submitted the post-health analysis report to the state department of primary and secondary education in Karnataka which has decided to extend the scheme further.

Annapoorna, in association with Adamya Chetana Trust, will now be serving SaiSure health mix to 42,000 more children! Adamya Chetana is a volunteer organisation working on various social projects across Food, Education, Health, Rural Development and Environmental Issues.

Minister for Primary Education, Shri Suresh Kumar launched this programme for Bangalore Urban Schools.

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