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The first half of 2019 flew by swiftly, marked by a significant expansion in Seva opportunities across the country. Also, this period saw various activities catching the public and corporate eye. With Bhagawan’s Infinite Grace and with an express mission to ‘Let no Child Go to School Hungry Ever’, Annapoorna made strong strides in its flagship breakfast programme and has currently reached out to more than 200,000 needy school going children across more than 2,600 centres spanning 16 states and one Union Territory.

Annapoorna, also used its presence in needy villages to expand its footprint to bring about rural uplift through a number of other projects. They set up RO (reverse osmosis) plants in many villages and about 100,000 villagers now have access to free clean drinking water daily. Annapoorna was also instrumental in having 100,000 rural children undergo medical screening for health defects. They conducted ‘Integrated Rural Development’ course in a professional institute comprising of more than 300 students to help the rural cause.

Annapoorna has gone on to drive a series of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives with top Multi-National Corporations, with more than 30 CSR events with Oracle alone! These drives have helped fill gaps such as building science labs, providing health kits and education, engaging the village children with multiple mental and physical activities and so on.

Annapoorna has also conducted summer camps in many centres engaging children during their summer holidays through fun filled learning!

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